Springfield Management Inc. (SMI) is a focused member in the rapidly
growing field of logistics. SMI has the people, processes, and
"best-in-class" technology to design, operate and manage custom tailored
logistics systems.  

SMI was created to manage service and support contracts for the
government, military, and commercial business - logistical challenges like
furnishing management offices, shelf stocking, vehicle fleet operations,
administrative services, food services, information technology, and other
critical missions.  The primary goal of SMI is to improve the efficiency of the
government through innovative approaches to work and partnership.  

SMI offers a wide array of logistics services, ranging from transportation
management to Government owned property management.

As your logistics partner, we work with you in a true team environment to
overcome your logistic challenges.

Committed To Providing Quality Customer Service
Springfield Management, Inc.
14000 S Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90061